Vietnamese cuisine needs no introduction to food lovers around the world. We want you to immerse in a distinct experience: a taste of our home to share with Sweden starting from Gothenburg
NGON is your destination for tasty, nutritious, and authentic Northern Vietnamese food. We are here to provide our customers with healthy and affordable meals in a friendly and casual environment.

About Our Restaurant:

NGON is located in central Gothenburg with just a 2-minute walk from both tram and bus stations.
With over 100 seats and well decorated with modern style. NGON could be your perfect place for wedding reception or birthday parties.
If you are interested in having the whole restaurant for a night, please contact us for more info.



Main dishes

1. Pho

Vietnamese rice noodle soup with coriander, chive, sweet basil, bean sprouts, served with rice noodles and lime.
-Pho “NGON” beef tenderloin
-Pho beef tenderloin
– Pho Chicken

2. Bun Thit Nuong

Lemongrass marinated pork belly skewers with fresh peas, served with rice noodles, Vietnamese meatballs and fish sauce.

3. Bo Luc Lac

Diced beef tenderloin stir-fry with Ngon sauce, vegetables and asparagus, served with jasmine rice.

4. Ga Nuong Mat Ong

Grilled boneless chicken thighs in honey and Boy Choy, served with jasmine rice flavored with turmeric and coconut milk.

5. Banh Mi Bit Tet

Ngon’s specialty – Entrecôte, homemade meatballs, egg, homemade Pâté, served with Ngon’s sauce, baguette and sliced ​​potatoes.

6. Cha Ca La Vong

Fried cod marinated with turmeric, galangal root, sautéed green onions and dill. Served with noodles, roasted peanuts and fish sauce.

7. Bun Hue Chay

Vegan noodle soup with fresh peas, 3 different types of mushrooms, tofu and Bok Choy, served with rice noodles.

8. Vit Chien Gion

Crispy duck & fried vegetables, served with jasmine rice and Ngon sauce.

9. Mien Xao

Glass noodles stir-fry with seafood, fresh peas, vegetables and celery, topped with coriander & chive.

10. Suon Nuong

Grilled Pork Chops marinted with vietnamese 6 spices, served with friend egg, jasmine rice and Charsiu sauce.



11. Banh Tom

Deep fried shrimp, sweet potatoes, chive, served with pickled kohlrabi, vegetables, peas & fish sauce.

12. Goi Ga

Chicken fillet, fresh peas, cabbage, pickled cucumbers, carrots, bell pepper, salad sauce, served with crispy rice paper.

13. Goi Chay

Baby Lotus stems, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, pepper with Buddha sauce, served with deep fried tofu paper and crispy rice paper.

14. Goi Tom Xoai

Steamed shrimp, mango, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, roasted peanuts and Ngon’s salad sauce, served with crispy rice paper.

15. Goi cuon

Fresh spring rolls with steamed shrimp / avocado, Vietnamese herbs, cucumber, rice noodles, served with Hoisin sauce topped with roasted peanuts.

16. Canh Ga Sot La Chanh

Crispy chicken wings marinated in fish sauce, garlic, chili, coriander, sesame, lemon leaf sauce.

17. Banh Bao

Glazed pork tenderloin / Shiitake marinated tofu, siracha mayo, daikon. Topped with coriander and roasted peanuts.

18. Cha Gio

Deep fried spring rolls, chicken thigh, kohlrabi, carrot, egg, glass noodles, Wood ear mushrooms, garlic, sweet potatoes, sun-dried Shiitake, dipped in Ngon’s fish sauce.

19. Banh mi thit nuong

Vietnamese baguette with grilled pork, cucumber, pickled vegetables, coriander and chili mayo.

20. Thit nuong

Grilled pork loin on skewers, served with Chinsu sauce.

21. Banh mi

Vietnamese baguette with pork, pâté, cucumber, pickled vegetables, coriander and chili mayo.

22. Tom chien

3 deep fried shrimps, salad, sweet and sour sauce.


Non-alcoholic beer


39 kr



Bottled beer

Saigon 4,9% (pale lager)


Bryggmästaren Premium Gold 5,7% (pale lager)


Leffe Brune 6,5% (dark ale)


BrewDog Punk IPA 5,4% (pale ale)


medium-strong beer

Brooklin Deffender IPA

55 kr

Brooklin Lager

49 kr


49 kr

Brooklin (alcohol-free)

39 kr

Bryggmästaren (alcohol-free)

39 kr

Bottled cider (Rekorderlig 4%)


75 kr


75 kr


75 kr

Blackberry- Violet-Juniper

75 kr

Jordgubb-Lime (alcohol-free)

39 kr

Red wine


73kr / 329kr

Lamberti Ripasso

89kr / 410kr

White wine


73kr / 329kr

Last Night A Riesling Saved My Life

89kr / 410kr

Vietnamese fruit wine

Rượu Mơ (Umeshu)


NGON Cocktails

Phở in Winter.
Cointreau, Dry Gin, Cinnamon, Star Anis, Lanxangia tsao-ko, Ginger, Lime.

125 kr

Phở in Summer:
Cointreau, Dry Gin, Cinnamon, Star Anis, Lanxangia tsao-ko, Ginger, Lime, Sprite. Top with Chili and Cilantro.

139 kr

Rượu Hoa Quả
White Rum, Tropical Glitter Liqueur, Passion Fruit Juice, Vietnamese green tea, Lime, Jelly Candy. 

119 kr

White Rum, Cassis Rasberry, Blue Berry Liqueur, Blackberry- Violet-Juniper Cider

139 kr

Non-alcoholic Cocktails

Trà Chanh
Vietnamese Green Tea, Lime, Sugar. 

55 kr

Trà Hoa Quả
Passion Fruit Juice, Vietnamese green tea, Lime with or without Jelly Candy. 

69 kr

Soft Drink


39 kr

Cola Zero

39 kr


39 kr


39 kr

HWILA Naturell (sparkling water)

39 kr

HWILA Citron / Lime (sparkling water)

39 kr


Coconut Ice cream

75 kr

Cà Phê Đá
Vietnamese ice coffe with condensed milk. 

49 kr

Contact Info


Ngon, Stampen, Friggagatan 4, 411 01 Göteborg, Sweden


0760 391 989



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© Copyright 2022 NGON

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